Minor Repairs

Reducing the cost of auto repair is possible if you follow a strict regimen in maintaining your vehicle. Some auto maintenance needs may be more expensive than others, but in the long run, computation of expenses will show that regular car maintenance practices will save you around 25% of your annual spending.

Different vehicles have different needs and it is important to know the essentials in keeping them running for a long time. Investing on annual automotive diagnostic tests will help you determine which parts need attention and which ones can still go for a few more years. There are numerous auto repair shops in Tampa that provide diagnostic services so it shouldn’t be hard to find a shop that will help you out.

Repairing is still less costly than leasing a new one. Instead of giving up on your car, taking that extra effort to approach the right mechanic is still the best solution to save money (even if it is a relatively old car). If you calculate the cost of repairs versus your monthly payments, you wll still come to realize that automotive repair is still the least expensive option in having the means to go around.

Upgrade your ACs R-12 system to R134-a. Taking this initiative saves you money from additional AC repair; and you also get to help the ozone layer at the same time. Tampa mechanics admit that AC repairs can cause you a lot, especially if you’re handling older car models. R-12 is more expensive that its counterpart although it may vary depending on the components of your AC system. In short, keeping the right kind of coolant, along with the right levels will save the life of your air conditioners, reducing auto repair costs.

Bargain for auto parts. Service fee from automotive shops is usually fixed but you can save some money if you’re wise about buying the parts for your vehicle. Going to remanufacturers and direct sellers is one way of saving a few dollars. Negotiating goes a long way, especially if you’ve been a loyal customer to a one repair shop.

Ask questions. You’ve probably seen it on TV. A customer goes to an auto repair shop and receives word that they’ll need to replace several parts you’ve never heard of and then they take days to finish. Being involved in your vehicle’s “operation” is one way of reducing the risk of scams. Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with asking questions because (1) you’re not an expert so you’d probably want to have some degree of understanding of what they plant to do; and (2) it’s your car and you have every right to know what repairs they’ll be doing.

Know when to change parts. Belts and hoses usually last around 3 to 4 years. Obsessively changing them every year is a waste of money. Furthermore, parts like these usually show strain, thus, you’ll know when to change them just by appearance alone. Make sure you go to a certified mechanic to do this job if you have zero experience with auto repair and maintenance.

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