Collision & Body Repairs

Emergencies and road accidents happen. Sooner or later, we will have to do some car repair operations. Here are some helpful tips regarding car collision repair.

The first thing to do when having a collision repair is to consult with your insurance company. If you are covered by an insurance, the insurance company might have a policy with regards to the auto repair shop that you should go to. In that case, talk to your agent first. Even if you can find a cheaper repair shop in Brandon, Florida, some insurance policies might hinder you from transacting business with the shop of your choice.

Now if your company does not have a strict policy regarding repair shops, the next thing to do is to get an estimate of the total collision repair cost from a mechanic. There are a lot of repair shops in Brandon, Florida that specializes on auto body work, frame work, and other automotive repair services. Consult with a lot of repair shops and decide which one is better or more appropriate, or simply choose the shop that you find most convenient.

Do not forget to ask the mechanic of the auto service that will be covered by the collision repair. For instance are brakes, engine, and transmission repair included? Or will it be just auto body work and frame work? Make an agreement on the specifications of the auto service involved. There are instances where some auto service such as AC repair, removing fuel, wheeling alignment, belt adjustment or replacing nameplates are not included in the package given by insurance companies. When this happens, tell your mechanic to exclude them from your official receipt.

But if you are a daredevil and would like to try things your own way, there are a lot of do it yourself videos on the web about collision repair. Just a word of caution: this kind of stuff can be a little tricky for any total auto body beginner. There will be some repair techniques that will require automotive frame machines and pneumatic hydraulic pumps. These machines supply the thousands of pounds of pressure that pull frames and move automotive body parts that would otherwise not be able to be moved any other way.

If you are gonna do some auto body work or frame work on your own, then start by straightening the panels damaged during collision. The process of straightening a panel aims to reverse the dent caused by impact until the panel is as close to its original shape as possible. Straightening a panel requires simple hammering techniques, pulling and hitting different panel sides, so that the dents are reversed.

Collision repair is a meticulous process which requires a lot of attention to details, skills, techniques, and technology to make any repair project successful. If your are residing in Brandon or any nearby area, there is a well known car repair shop when it comes to all kinds of auto servicing. Scott’s Automotive Inc. will give you quality service at a very competitive price.

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