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Transmission Flush

Some auto service shops have mechanics whose knowledge on transmission systems is limited to checking the quality of the transmission fluid or changing the transmission fluid. You yourself can do the checking of transmission fluid on your own, though. You do not need to bring your car to a Tampa auto service shop for this.

You should use your vehicle’s dipstick in checking your transmission fluid. Make sure it is completely clean. Allow the transmission fluid to drip on a clean sheet of paper. The fluid should be a clear red. If it is brown or darker, or if it smells burnt, this means it has oxidized. The transmission fluid should also disperse on the paper after half a minute. If it does not do so, it also means it has oxidized. Change oxidized transmission fluid immediately. Tampa mechanics say this can prevent damage on your transmission system.

You should also check the level of your transmission fluid regularly. When you have to add transmission fluid, avoid overfilling and stop at the full mark. Overfilling of transmission fluid causes aeration which adversely affects the operation of the transmission system.

To see if your transmission fluid is leaking, check beneath your vehicle for oily puddles or spots periodically. If you do find leaks, or if you experience any problems with your transmission system, take your vehicle to an auto service shop with a mechanic that specializes in automotive transmission repair.

Simple automotive transmission repair involving the controller, solenoid or valve body does not need to have the entire transmission system taken down. If the transmission system is taken down, the repair is much more expensive. In fact, transmission rebuilding can cost you over $2,000.00 in parts and labor. If you shell out this much, you have to ensure that what you get in return is genuine expertise from your auto service mechanic.

It is understandable why some auto service shops do not bother to offer automotive transmission repair or rebuilding, though. It is a very tedious process and can take too much of the shop’s and the mechanic’s time. Transmission systems of different car brands and models vary and require different tools. Mechanics need to educate themselves in all those brands and models in order to do the repair or rebuilding properly. Not many auto service shops and mechanics can afford to focus on this. They prefer to just replace a damaged transmission system entirely.

Follow all the proper automotive diagnostic and preventive maintenance procedures for your vehicle, especially for its transmission system, in order to prevent the need for frequent car repair. When you do need automotive transmission repair, though, make sure that the mechanic and auto service shop you go in Tampa to will be able to handle it well. Have your automotive transmission repair done promptly and do not wait until your vehicle stalls.