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Archive for Auto AC Repair

Air Conditioner Diagnostics

Automotive AC diagnostics procedures vary with your problems. Start by connecting the manifold gauge set to the respective high and

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Air Conditioner Belt

The chamber which equalizes the pressure that is blasted into the cupola at the tuyeres.


The receiver-drier must be changed each time a system is empty regardless of the reason for loss of refrigerant. It

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Blower Motor

The blower motor is used to distribute air flow through the HVAC module and into the vehicle. The blower motor

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Auto AC repair is quite similar to an ordinary air conditioning unit repair. Any system that lowers temperature basically works in the same

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The air conditioning condenser performs pretty much the same function as an engine radiator.  The condenser cools the refrigerant (or

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Driers are not interchangeable with accumulators, but they perform the same functions.   This component is in the A/C system

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When a system is opened to the environment for repairs, moisture enters the system. The moisture must be removed from

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Located inside the vehicle, the evaporator serves as the heat absorption component. The evaporator provides several functions. Its primary duty

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Expansion Valve

The expansion valve is placed at the evaporator inlet tube. The expansion valve is used to control refrigerant flow into

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